Forty Dollars A Pop

Meet Aaron Long. Now meet his kids.

This may take a while, because he’s still meeting them himself.

Forty Dollars A Pop - a documentary film

Until recently, Aaron Long was a happily unmarried middle-aged man living a single life in Seattle. That all changed practically overnight thanks to a 21st-century combination of old-fashioned curiosity and cutting-edge technology.

Almost a quarter of a century earlier, seeking an easy way to make a little extra cash in his twenties, Aaron had been a sperm donor for about a year, earning $40 for each donation. He'd joked ever since then about not knowing how many kids he might actually have — and then one day he decided to register with the DNA-based site 23andMe to find out. Within no time he made contact with a biological son named Bryce, a college student from Long Island who had been doing some digging of his own…enough to have turned up at least five siblings scattered around the country, including 19-year-old Madi. A few months later, 11-year-old Alice entered the picture, along with her mother, Jessica, who had raised her with another woman before their relationship ended.

In the summer of 2017, Aaron decided to host a “Meet My Kids” party, inviting Bryce, Madi, and Alice, along with Jessica, to spend some time with him in Seattle. The result was both a fascinating glimpse into the start of a completely unexpected chapter in all their lives.

Long story short, the kids and their “Dad” hit it off right away — and so did Aaron and Alice’s mom Jessica. Within a year, Jessica, two of the children, and Aaron's aging mother, all found themselves living in the same Seattle co-op with Aaron: three generations building a family of choice that also happens to be connected by DNA.

For all Aaron knows, this could only be the beginning, since by his estimate he may have helped conceive more than 60 children. And the more his story spreads — from The New York Times to this very documentary — the bigger and more complicated it may grow.

The New York Times - September 28, 2018

Read “First I Met My Children, Then My Girlfriend. They’re Related,” a piece in The New York Times Modern Love column by Aaron Long, the subject of our upcoming documentary film Forty Dollars A Pop.